Safety Point Professional Hair Scissors # SP-PHS-11

Safety Point Professional Hair Scissors, Oasis blossom Barber Scissors, 7.5’’ Hair Cutting Scissors.

Product description

Whether you’re a professional stylist at a barbershop or a mother with a haircut? Incomparable quality, cost-effective price, tailored for you. You can’t miss our scissors hair cutting.

Great Features:
1.Sharp blades of hair cutting scissors can cut hair in an instant.
2.Our hair scissors for women are flexible in cutting dry or wet hair.
3. Non-slip handle of hair scissors for men is more useful for a confident haircut.
4. Hair scissors have better stability, opening and closing smooth, reduce friction.
5.Made of premium stainless steel. Hair scissors professional focus on high quality.
6. Haircut scissors work for hairdressers, hairstylists or people who trim their hair at home.

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 7.5inch